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Nurses Continuing Education

One-Body-Fitness, Inc., offers the Health Promotion Wellness Education and Screening Techniques course, based on the government’s Healthy People 2010 Initiative, an EIGHT contact hour activity accredited by the Texas Nurses Association (CNE approval number O-AO-11450-09-03), giving medical professionals an opportunity to increase their educational portfolio and marketable skills by learning the latest general health and fitness screening techniques.

Poor Dietary, Nutritional and Activity (DNA) habits are feeding the growing American Public Health Epidemic. This class focuses on our Government’s Healthy People 2010’s overarching goals to improve quality of life and to reduce health disparities among cultures.

With this course you will be able to assist in evaluating and educating the public about key coronary risk factors attributed to personal habits around diet, nutrition, and exercise.

You will learn to:

  • Assess Or Screen general health and fitness levels (using established medical and fitness norms) providing individuals with personal awareness
  • Educate And Inform patients on healthy lifestyle behaviors that promote disease prevention, wellness and increase years of healthy life
  • Offer Intervention alternatives to those who choose to pursue lifestyle behavior changes
  • Promote Individual Ownership of healthy lifestyle behaviors that can combat the growing need and cost of medical care by preventing acute and chronic illnesses

Our mission is to assist individuals in improving the quality of their lives by informing, educating, and motivating them to embrace a more active lifestyle.

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