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Corporate Wellness - The Perception of Truth is the Key

Just like a person, the wellness of a Corporation can be measured by the outputs produced by the system.

Profits, customer relations, vendor relationships, employee stress, health insurance claims, abandoned projects, employee turnover, absenteeism, etc.... We believe the pulse of any organization mirrors the truth and integrity of its’ executive leadership and supporting teams. Any inconsistencies perceived by the workforce will cause a loss of energy (or Spirit) and can begin a vortex of distrust which draws down productivity.

Organizational Control

One-Body-Fitness, Inc., leverages 22 years of corporate family life within a Fortune 10* communications company to help you build your own corporate wellness.

Our unique professional experience includes a bottom-to-top view of the dynamics of corporate policy and workforce morale. Having worked at positions in the organization starting at temporary accounting clerk and going all the way up to the rank of Director, our experience gives us the ability to understand and connect with any member of the workforce.

Our business approach is centered on the mechanics of active listening. Through personal one-on-one interviews, we can assist in breaking the walls down around employees or teams who feel they are boxed within organizational policy and control.

Balanced and Harmonized Leadership Communication

Having worked on major successful system implementation projects in the Customer Billing, Payroll and Finance areas with average budgets in exccess of $300M, a wealth of team dynamics experience is at your service.

Our goal is to assist any level of management in engaging their workforce Spirit through Truth and Integrity and thus promoting balanced and harmonized leadership communication.