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Workforce & Personal Health & Fitness Consulting

One-Body-Fitness, Inc., offers Health & Fitness Seminars, Consultations and Training programs designed around the Cooper Institute’s Philosophy for transitioning to and maintaining a healthier life style.

We design and implement customized health awareness programs for business and professional organizations aligned with the government’s Healthy People 2010 initiatives.

Our mission is to assist individuals in improving the quality of their lives by informing, educating, and motivating them to embrace a more active lifestyle.

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Health & Fitness Seminars

We offer informational seminars designed to provide general awareness and understanding about the health and fitness paradigm. We teach awareness of the seven major coronary risk factors and how to evaluate your personal risk. We review reasons why people don’t always successfully adhere to a lifestyle change of health & fitness.

Also, we will distribute current documented accredited health and fitness information, which support a more active lifestyle.

Finally, we outline a health and fitness methodology for starting and maintaining a more physically active way of life. This enables participants to consider one way they may approach making a successful lifestyle behavioral change.

Health & Fitness Consultations

We offer general health and fitness consultations designed to evaluate an individual’s physical fitness condition. The evaluations use tests and statistics gathered from the Cooper Institute’s database. This provides a benchmark for assessing where one is, related to their gender and age group, as well as defining an individual’s fitness program goals.

This service includes fitness readiness reviews that offer general medical screening, blood pressure, and body composition measurements. Additionally, the consultations include physical endurance testing which measures flexibility, absolute & dynamic strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Finally, personal training program prescriptions are developed for the individual to utilize in beginning a self-monitored fitness program.

Customized Health Awareness & Improvement Programs

We offer health promotion development and implementation services for businesses and professional organizations. These services are customized as needed to meet specific goals of an organization relating to objectives of the government’s Healthy People 2010 initiative.

One-Body-Fitness, Inc., focuses on assessing specific workforce health risks, then targets awareness, education and behavioral change programs to meet defined goals and objectives for the situation. The desired result is to provide benefit to both employee and employer that will enhance productivity and profits.

Personal Training & Fitness Facility Management Services

We offer group personal training and worksite fitness facility management services that complement our training prescriptions and customized health and fitness improvement programs.

We also will contract to work within specified allocated funding, to design, develop and establish worksite fitness centers.

Alternatively, we can manage and coordinate an alliance with professional fitness facility owners to meet any needs in support of our programs.

Corporate Wellness Services

In addition to individual and group wellness mentioned, One-Body-Fitness, Inc., offers business-consulting services. These services focus on the importance of the clarity of communication between employer and employee. We believe the SPIRIT of an organization, or its’ productivity, reflects the perception of trust and truth the workforce has in upper management and vice versa. Our services are dedicated to lifting the spirit of any team, project, department or executive leadership group by promoting respect, integrity and learning the value of granting expertise to one another.

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Executive Team Biographies

James Berlingeri is a graduate of Angelo State University. He worked for Verizon (formerly GTE) for 22 years and held various positions in Finance and Systems including Director of Systems Implementations.

A father of three, James has been active in sports and athletics throughout his life and enjoys motivating and assisting others in reaching their fitness goals.

He completed the 1999 Dallas White Rock Marathon and enjoys participating in other events which promote fitness and wellness.

James is a certified Physical Fitness Specialist and Health Promotion Director through The Cooper Institute of Dallas, Texas.