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  • Isn’t mortgage protection just overpriced life insurance?
    With most companies, it is, but it goes even deeper than that. Give us 15 minutes of your time and we’ll show you why we’re the mortgage protection experts.
  • I have a large mortgage and other responsibilities. Do I really need mortgage protection?
    Doesn’t it make sense to give your loved ones the option to eliminate the largest single debt they may have if you die? The best part is giving yourself the option of getting all of your money back before your mortgage is paid off.
  • I’m only 35. Why is buying long-term disability care coverage a great idea for me and those I love?
    If you wait just three years to purchase coverage, it will cost 24% more every year for the rest of your life. Everyone wants the coverage and the care “when I need it.” It’s paying the premium during the intervening years that causes us pain. Then there is the issue of uninsurability. Suppose a disease or accident prevents you from qualifying for coverage in the future. Buying now when you’re healthy and premiums are low could secure you and your loved ones against the largest single expense most people will ever face.

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