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Bizzi Creations - where watercolour evolves...

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Bizzi Creations - where watercolour evolves...

The Bizzi Bee

18 January 2003

First thing first - there are 3 new paintings now at the Coffee Haus Downtown, they are Hot Cider, Hot Cappuccino, and Essential Spices of Life!

We have a new Sewing Notion - Needle Magnets! They are highlighted on the Home page!

Bizzi Creations is planning to be at the Needleworks Market in Charlotte, North Carolina July 10 - 13, 2003! So be sure to check out our booth!

A new pattern to be out soon Leapin’ Kisses! Sure to be a hit with luscious large red lips!

Soon Free Bees will be added to our website - where you can download/print a free chart!

Drop me a line and let me know what you think! There is much more to come!

Queen Bee

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