Bizzi Creations - where watercolour evolves...

Bizzi Creations - where watercolour evolves...

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Bizzi Creations - where watercolour evolves...

About Us

Hello, thank you for taking interest in our website. Grab a cup of tea...and see the evolution of Bizzi Creations.

I have always loved coloring, sewing, creating as long as I can remember.

My Grandmother was a very talented embroider that would make thread come alive. Her stitches were delicate and precise. It was sitting with her in her sun room that inspired me to stitch!

My mother was a talented stitcher/designer...making wonderful clothing from nothing more than a sketch. She could make anything on a sewing machine. She taught me at an early age to sew and I made many of my clothes growing up and still do if time allows! Now, I just get excited if I can make my son’s Halloween costume on time! That is a tradition I started when he was born.

I have made him Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, A black and white cat complete with red collar and bell, and an elaborate frog costume! Phew!

My coloring was inspired by my dad, whom I used to spend hours coloring coloring books with...envious that he could stay between the lines and make such incredible patterns (of course, I was only 7)! I still do not colour between the lines, evident in my paintings...and aspire to share a bit of colour, laughter and smiles.

I am thankful for my friends for believing in me, inspiring me, coaching me and assisting me.

My paintings are where I escape, a land of colour and happiness.

As friends requested note cards and then cross stitch patterns, the evolution emerged. My son is often my inspiration and always the light of my world.

Our cats are our keepers...we merely share the space with what they feel is rightfully theirs. They, too, are inspirations.

In my spare time, between painting, designing, and being Mom (a role I take very seriously), I work as an engineer. I also have joined up with a lovely lady that often inspires illustrations from her words to lead an important ministry at our church, First Baptist Church in Arlington, called Christian Living and Single Parenting.

If I can impart a thought of the day, that would be to truly live life. You never know what tomorrow brings. Even if today is filled with challenges there are always things you can find to be thankful is often those little things that make a big difference. And...don’t forget to is contagious.

Many Blessings,
Queen Bee